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Never miss the wax again…

         a bold statement, to say the least!

Podium Wax™ has pulled the stops on alpine ski and snowboard waxing technology and innovation in the search for ultimate performance. Our entire product line is dedicated to uncompromising speed without uncertainty. Smart Fluoros™ give our waxes the flexibility to respond in all crystal types. Our exclusive blend of additives broadens temperature ranges to ensure you never miss the mark. The durability of our products makes it practical to wax race-fast every day without going bankrupt.

We are racers and coaches ourselves and constantly tinker and experiment in myriad snow conditions. We guarantee that whatever you buy is the latest and greatest – we don’t hold old formulas to sell out. In the end, our goal is to be “Simply Fast” which means you’ll never go to bed wondering if you missed the wax.

Give us a try and step up to the Podium!

Podium Wax Featured Athletes

Scott Snow   warner nickerson

Scott Snow


Warner Nickerson

People Are Talking About Podium Wax...

"As the father of four USSA/FIS racers in three age groups, I’m stretched pretty thin.  We’ve had huge success with Smart Wax because it is simple, fast and has a broad temperature range.  I can send my family to different mountains with a single, simple, start line application and rest assured they will never lose due to the wrong wax.  Thanks for the piece of mind!"
- Steve Anderson, father of
  Erik Anderson, J1
  Drew Anderson, J2
  Ashley Anderson, J3
  Lindsey Anderson, J3

"Tahoe snow gets soft and slow in the spring.  Last year at Alpine Meadows everyone, including riders such as Josh Bibby, was having trouble with a 70’ to 90’ table combination.  Thanks to Podium Smart Wax, I was the only rider able to make both hits, with several carves in between.  The acceleration and speed were great!"
- KC Deane, Pro free skier
  Featured in:“Untold Joys of   an Unfound Mind”“Much of  Anything”

"Shortly before the 2006 Masters World Championships in France I switched to Podium Wax.  My formerly slow speed skis suddenly turned super fast.  I was 11th of 230 competitors and took 2d in my class in Super G.  This is absolutely the simplest, fastest, stuff I’ve ever used."
- Dennis Wilhelmson
  Masters World Champion   2007
  Skiers Edge Masters Team
  Atomic Ski Team
  Masters National Champion
  Numerous FIS Masters   Podiums
  2006 Northern Division   Overall Masters Champion

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